• [Flexible &Soft Arms]Metallic flexible and soft light arms,tall the arms are bending Angle freely,and can be adjusted in any height on your own.
  • [Universal mobile phone holder] 2.2-3.4" wide mobile phone holder, can fix your smartphone in the middle of the ring light, and can easily rotate any angle. Easily help you take selfie photos, tiktok youtube streaming, zoom meetings, ideo recording, Make-up lighting, etc.
  • [Easy to Attach & Operate] You just need 5 minutes to set up by tightening the screws based on the instructions. After attachment, pressing buttons on power cable allows you to easily power on/off, switch lighting modes, and adjust brightness levels. 
  • Comes with Tripod 
  • Two-arm fill light, for dressing room, tattoo art studio, live video shooting, hairdressing, nail art
  • Tri-color temperature adjustment, positive white light, warm yellow light, neutral light
  • 10-speed dimming, can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Universal adjustment function can achieve professional no-dead-edge photography fill light in any rotation direction
  • Can be powered by USB or mobile power


Brand BOOC